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Naturally Chronic Medication

Garden Path Organics offers boutique, carefully cultivated organic cannabis for patients to enjoy. They work exclusively with the natural flower and prioritize quality control to retain as much of the plant’s healing properties as possible with all benefits passed on to the patient. Dedicated to a consistency of product and a love for helping those in need, Garden Path Organics strives to offer the best possible cannabis medicine with each of their flowers.


The growers of Garden Path Organics bring ten years of growing experience to the table, starting as a trimmer and moving up to distribute their high-quality cannabis. They initially began their cannabis journey with a love of the plant and industry, and when they looked around at Southern California’s market, they noticed that many products were either non-organic or unappetizing in appearance, smell or smoke. Inspired to offer an alternative to patients, these growers began Garden Path Organics in 2015 to provide their high-quality, organic cannabis to patients who cared about what they put in their body while medicating.


Garden Path Organics specializes in all-organic flower. They utilize zero chemicals, zero pesticides, and zero additives and receive THC ratings of over 20% with their all-natural growing methods. Specializing in rare, boutique cannabis strains, their growers experimented with their genetics over the years to find the top cut of each of their flowers, allowing them to pass that quality on to their patients. In particular, their Top Shelf Ghost OG, a potent Indica, and their Sour Skunk, a stinky Sativa, are among their most popular strains, each offering a highly effective and enjoyable cannabis experience.

Lab Testing:

Garden Path Organics run all of their flowers through their in-house CDX machine to pass on an assurance of quality to their patients. They test their marijuana for THC, CBD, terpene content, pesticides, and mold or mildew.


Garden Path Organics is currently found in Palm Springs, Glendale, Pasadena, the San Fernando Valley and San Diego, and plans to expand to collectives across San Diego, Orange, Los Angeles and Riverside counties. Patients can find their cannabis in Pure Life in the Valley, Desert Holistics Delivery Service in Palm Springs, and Cali Green in Long Beach.

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